Those Meddling Kids

I just read a “news” story on Fox News. I knew before the page even loaded there would be no THERE there, but it’s important to pay a bit of attention to the propaganda arm of the Trump administration from time to time. If you don’t know what bullshit they are spewing, you can’t counter it when you hear it repeated in the wild.

Fox News Headline

In what ways was Germany “meddling” in American politics or policy? Some of their elected officials had opinions about those subjects and dared to voice them out loud in front of people who reported them to the world. Yes, people speaking their minds on what the President of the United States is doing is now “meddling” in American politics. It certainly seems they’d like Germans using their right to free speech to be equated with Russia “meddling” in our elections. To be honest, I’ve thought, since the beginning of this whole ugly mess, that the word “meddling” was entirely too light of a word to use to describe Russia’s attack upon our democracy. Its a squishy, soft word best left in the mouths of cartoon villains while decrying how they’d have gotten away with their dastardly plan, if the Scooby team hadn’t been so good at sleuthing.

Having an opinion on what anyone or any country is doing and speaking it out loud is not, in any way, meddling. The fact that Fox News would like to equate deploying opinions in public with attempting to thwart free and fair elections in the minds of their viewers/readers should give one pause. When will it become “meddling” in American politics and foreign policy for Americans to voice their opinions on the Trump administration?