State of the Orb Empire

For the time being, I will continue to have a Facebook account. It is woven into some pretty deep places in my online existence, and until I find all the tendrils and extract them, I can’t just up and delete my account. I will eventually be deleting my Facebook account. I also do need to find an easy way to keep in touch with you guys, because I suck at keeping in touch with people. I am exploring some options. One of them is very interesting, and you might find it interesting too. I will be posting predominantly on my blog. If it’s something short, I’ll cross post it on Facebook. If not, I’ll post a link there.

What will you find on the old blog? Same as it used to be! Projects I’m working on, cat stories and pics, and ranting about current events. There will undoubtedly be some crazy train-of-thought posts and things of a more personal nature, but I wouldn’t expect too much of that at first. I’m easing back into things slowly, and I want to find the comfy spot on personal disclosures.

I’ll be keeping Twitter. Even though it is a cesspool of inanity and insanity, it has its uses. I will also continue to use Instagram, until such time as Facebook owning it irritates me more than seeing lovely photos brings me joy. If you have accounts on either/both of these services and are currently not connected to me on them, we should make that happen.

I have finally solved the blog-to-Dreamwidth crossposting problem, so my blog posts will be going over there, as well as any whining, incoherent babbling, and complaining I feel the need to do about my personal life in a more private setting. Once again, if you have an account there, let’s hook up, if we haven’t already.

I will not be redesigning the web site. Ages ago when I put this together, I was careful to do things right. Without any input from me, it has continued to putter along without incident through many updates to its core system and associated plugins. When you achieve that, you don’t mess with it. Yes, it looks like something built in the 90s. I’m fine with that, as such simplicity seems to be viewable on any internet connected device without issue. If you encounter a problem, do let me know. I can probably fix it. There will be a new header image at some point. I just haven’t decided what yet. In the meantime, Sasha will continue to stare you in the face every day.

In closing, it’s both exciting and anxiety-inducing to be jumping fully back into this thing, but I’m happy to be back at it. I hope you’re happy to see me.

2 thoughts on “State of the Orb Empire

  1. Whoa, sound quite sensible, vaguely nostalgic in a good way, real writing ✍️ not so glib as FB makes us. Like coming back off a bad trip and wondering where all that time went.

    • Yeah, if I want to be glib and brief, that’s what Twitter is for. 🙂 I probabiy shouldn’t have ever stopped blogging, but sometimes you have to do other things for a while to discover how much you love the thing you were doing originally.

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