Why Won’t They Listen

I’m good at researching things. People, cars, consumer goods, what have you. Because I am good at researching things, I am quite often asked by friends and family members to do just that for them. So, I toddle off and spend a great deal of my time, energy, and brain power digging down into the nitty gritty of whatever it is they need information on. I enjoy it, so it’s usually not a bother for me to do.

Yesterday, for example, it was microwaves. The specifications were that it be under 12″ tall, 1000 watts or close to it, can be shipped and arrive by the weekend, cost under $100, and that it not suck. I spent some hours looking at the specs and reviews for a gazillion microwave ovens, and I find exactly the thing needed. If I were buying a microwave right this minute, it’s the one I would buy. Whenever I do these things for people, my final recommendation is always what I would get if I were getting that thing, and aside from being good at researching things, I am a tightwad who doesn’t like buying crap that needs to be replaced every year. I’m not going to tell someone to get a thing unless it’s the best thing that can be gotten under the required specifications.

So, I informed the microwave needing person of the microwave that fits their needs, and the response is that it’s not white, and it has to be white. Okay, no one mentioned that it had to be white, and it’s not like their kitchen has perfectly matched appliances and is about to be featured in Home Magazine. Having already looked at a gazillion microwaves just yesterday and having a fully functioning memory, I already know that if they want a white microwave that is under 12″ tall, they are going to have to give up something else on their list, like power or not sucking or having it this weekend or costing less than $100. They will most likely have to give up more than one of these things. This makes them unhappy, and they become argumentative.

Um … it’s not my fault that the universe is in love with stainless steel appliances, or that white microwaves tend to be cheap pieces of crap that don’t last but a few months, or that you only have a 12″ tall space in which to place a microwave. I don’t work for a microwave factory and so don’t care which one gets your money, and I don’t work for the microwave needing person either and don’t care whether or not they ever get a new one. I was asked to solve a problem, and I did so. That the answer doesn’t fit into their unstated expectations is not my problem. In fact, I don’t have a problem. My microwave is working fine.

It’s irritating that more and more often, people ask me to do some research, solve some problem for them, and ask for my advice, but then when I give it, they want to argue about it for … sometimes unknown reasons. Presumably, they ask me to solve these problems for them, because they believe I can do so better than they can and/or are too damn lazy to do the job themselves, so why not listen to my outcome and actually take it as fact? It’s really just making me not want to help people anymore, when I used to enjoy doing so. There’s a list of people I have now who will only get a stock “I’m sorry, that won’t be possible!” reply when they ask me to do one of these things for them, which is really just my polite way of saying “Fuck you, solve your own damn problem. I’ve got better shit to do than argue you into believing me.”

So that’s how my morning is going! Months of silence and then this ranty blog post. Well, it felt like it was going to take more than a brief Facebook post to get it out of my system, so I thought why not on the blog. It’s possible I might be getting my ranting mojo back, because let me tell you, people have been irritating the hell out of me lately. And now, I’m going to take a shower, have some coffee and play some Elder Scrolls or Neverwinter to unwind. Hopefully, the microwave needing person will come to the correct conclusion and take my advice and not choose the white, underpowered, no-brand-name, piece of crap one and instead choose the really good one I suggested. I would hate to have to tell them to fuck off three months from now when they need a new microwave again.

3 thoughts on “Why Won’t They Listen

  1. *cough*


    You wouldn’t have happened to do toasters anytime recently, would you? Just… you know. Curious.


      • LOL

        Well, if and when you get around to it, be sure to share the info! Because it’s apparently too much to ask a toaster to, you know, *toast* bread and/or bagels consistently. Or at all. 😀

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