The Weight of Data

As I contemplate replacing my beloved decade old iMac, I'm having thoughts about the decade's worth of digital photos living on its hard drive. It's … a lot of photos. They sit there, silent and unseen, and I have no desire to move all of them to a new hard drive. Hell, I never did finish moving all the photos off my prior decade old computer, so there's even more there (and yes, the Win98 box still sits under my desk waiting for me to do that). I always meant to go through all the photos and thin them down, but it's tedious and takes so much time. It never happened.

I don't want the same thing to happen on a new iMac. I don't need to keep every photo I've ever taken only to have none of them ever looked at. So, I think I have decided something. I will go through them all quickly, making gut reaction decisions, and select the best of the best to have printed (on paper!) and then … put them in nice albums. Maybe even do some scrap booking (the only crafty thing I haven't yet tried). Not that they'd be looked at any more than they are now (though maybe they would), but at least I'd feel like some tangible proof of my existence … um … existed.

Lots of ways I could go with this idea. Make an album per year. Make albums by theme (flowers alone might be more than one album). Make albums by location. I don't know how other people do photo albums/scrapbooks. They probably do them in a more organized manner and more contemporiously to when the photos are taken, rather than at the end of every decide. I guess I can do it any way I want. I'll have to think about it some more. Perhaps some thematic organizing system will come to the surface as I thin out the ridiculous number of photos I have hoarded.

Of course, none of this is here nor there just yet. I won't be getting a new computer or anything right this minute, but owing to the immense problem of too many digital photographs, I do need to start planning ahead. Otherwise, just like the last time I replaced my computer, the new shininess will be sitting on my desk being new and shiny, and the old and busted will be sitting somewhere else being ignored … and I'll never go through them all and deal with it. And going forward, I need to learn to not save every photo I take. There will need to be a plan, and I will need to stick to it. Otherwise, a decade from now when the time comes to replace an old computer again, I'll be in the same damn position. I would like to avoid going through this again at age 61. I'm sure I won't have the patience required.

And with all that said … here's a quick shot of the latest street cat addition. We paint the house orange and aquire an orange cat. LOL!