The Cable Free Life

As the denizens of Casa de Orb prepare to experience complete recovery from their personal economic depression, discussions have been had on the subject of television programming. More pointedly … will we or will we not subscribe to cable television ever again.

General consensus appears to be a firm NO, we will not pay Time Warner (or anyone else) entirely too much money for a million channels of crap we won’t watch.

We will continue using Netflix and Amazon Prime, and this week we decided to try out Hulu (mostly for The Daily Show), and between those three services, we have more than enough things to watch on our television. While I do sometimes miss HBO, especially because I loved Game of Thrones, eventually the HBO Now service will come to the PS4, and maybe we’ll get it then and maybe we won’t. Right now, if we want to watch a newer movie than what Netflix or Hulu or Amazon Prime are offering, there’s Redbox right around the corner. Sure, someone has to get up off the couch and go get the movie, but it’s worth it to save well over a hundred dollars a month on cable TV.

Additionally, right after I told the cable company there was no way I was paying what they wanted for their TV services, we bought a ten dollar rabbit ear antenna at Walmart. We’d planned to use it as proof of concept and to just see if we could get anything at all and to replace it at a later date with a more powerful one, but … there’s no need. We get twelve over the air channels. All the major networks, a couple versions of PBS, and a few that aren’t for us either owing to being in Spanish or showing nothing but grainy game shows or poorly formatted for our screen (and also grainy) 80’s movies.

Basically what I’m saying is that my long held desire to cut the cable cord was finally realized due to extreme unemployment, and as I suspected, we don’t miss it at all. Well, we did miss The Daily Show the last few months, but starting tonight we won’t be missing that anymore. We’ll just be one day behind, which we almost always were anyway, because when you get up at the crack of dawn, 10:30 pm is really, really late. LOL!

Tonight, for example, is going to be a great night for TV at Casa de Orb! First there’s the season premiere of Agents of Shield, followed by a new episode of Limitless, then last night’s Daily Show, followed by The Late Show (Colbert has been rocking his new gig). Of course, there is one problem with the way we watch TV now. We have no way to time shift the shows we watch over the air (and no way to pause them either). I have no idea what we’ll eat for dinner, because we need to go grocery shopping. I mean really, REALLY need to go buy food, but I don’t want to miss any of ours shows. Looks like we’ll be having a salad and deviled eggs for dinner, because that’s what we have!

Anyway, this is sort of a weird first blog post after so much silence for so long, but you have to start somewhere, right? I imagine stories from the last year will eventually percolate to the surface (there are stories), and it’s an election year in the USA and you know I have opinions (I don’t like anyone who is running). There will be more blog posts forthcoming, I promise. I’ve been feeling like babbling lately, but blogging is a habit, and I’m not used to just sitting down and typing some train of thought stuff anymore. I mean, for a year I had a captive audience right here in the house with me (my poor dear husband), so why sit down and type when I can just walk into the other room and launch into a vocal rant?!

Anyway, I’m back, and Just Orb will be seeing some life again. And if you have ever wondered if you can survive without cable television … YES, you can. LOL!

3 thoughts on “The Cable Free Life

  1. I figured you’d eventually realize that cable free is the way to go. Been that way for almost 7 years now. Loss of income was the catalyst for our cutting the cord too. We have an antenna on the roof and get maybe 30+ channels from that. Some we don’t watch, such as religious ones or most of the Spanish ones, but still not bad for free. Picture quality is better than cable. Then we have Netflix and Crackle, occasionally VUDU, and yes, RedBox. I also subscribe to CBS so I can stream my Big Bang Theory the next day if I miss it. The major downside was having to watch TV ‘old school’ style–no pausing, or fast-forwarding commercials, but heck, we grew up watching things that way. The only way I’d consider paying for cable again is if they ever have it where you pay for a block of channels you get to choose (excluding premium movie or sports channels). If I could pay a rate for 20-30 channels that I pick, then I’d consider it. I hated paying for a ton of channels I never watched just to get the few I really wanted (Comedy Central, TVLand, Cartoon, Nick, NatGeo, SyFy, History, Travel, etc.). Until then, I’m content to watch TV the way I do now and only pay for Internet from our provider and Netflix and CBS.

    • Yeah, I knew I didn’t want to pay Time Warner for cable ever again, but I figured once Google got to us we’d get cable from them. But … I’ve adapted. We never watched that much TV anyway. Sometimes it does suck that we can’t pause, stop, record and such, but well, such is life. LOL!

      But between Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime, we are not hurting for movies and TV shows to watch. We started watching X Files and Deep Space Nine from the beginning, and Netflix just keeps coming out with awesome series. And we have all the local networks on top of it. The only thing I really miss are the news networks, but honestly they have all gotten so stupid and during an election year they are even more stupid. Probably not missing much!

      I also really like all the money we are going to save that we can spend on other things. Like Game of Thrones DVD sets. LOL!

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