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  • Well now I know how to wind cord on the weed-eater spool. Time to finish the coffee and get to work before it rains. 09:26:14, 2014-04-26
  • Booted up and heading out for round two of Kill The Weeds. 10:10:02, 2014-04-26
  • The only beggar's lice that haven't been beheaded are the ones I couldn't reach and the ones in the area with potential poison ivy. Huzzah. 12:39:38, 2014-04-26
  • I am now going to sit on the couch and eat Beanitos and babaganus and watch a movie. 13:01:05, 2014-04-26
  • It feels like it's time for a nice Saturday afternoon catnap. Zzz… 13:44:25, 2014-04-26
  • Wondering if it would be better to haul the last of the branches to the woodpile while it's still dry. It hasn't stormed yet. 17:49:24, 2014-04-26
  • My arms have said screw it, they don't feel like hauling wood at the moment. 17:58:09, 2014-04-26